Other than mill finish profiles, we can provide our customers with many different colours on our products in three facilities such as anodising, powder coating and fluorocarbon painting.



The two stages Anodising and colouring process technology, provide an excellent finish in colour anodising of aluminium extrusion and architectural components, both in aesthetic and durability.

PT. Alexindo as one of the licensed applicators for SALLOX 2000 electrochemical anodising and colouring technology in Indonesia, has been widely used in many leading aluminium anodising plants in Western Europe, Australia and USA.


PT. Alexindo give 20 (twenty) year warranty on performance and colour durability of our Sallox 2000 anodic coating providing the clear protective anodic film is not destroyed through mechanical means or accelerated chemical attact.


Powder Coating
Alexindo powder coating is speciality applied on architectural aluminium for high-rise buildings such as office buldings, hotel and apartemens.


Alexindo powder coating gives excellent exterior durability and colour retention. Alexindo coating are available in a wire range of RAL shade in gloss, satin and matt finishes.


PT. Alexindo, being an approved applicator of DuPont, Akzo Nobel, Oxyplast and Jotun, hereby guarantee the product life for period 5-10 years from the date of application of the coating to the product and subject to certain terms and condition.



The coatings are produces and listed in accordance with AAMA 605.2 voluntary specification for High Performance Architectural Coatings. PT. Alexindo has a fluorocarbon painting facility that has been approved by the leading PVD 2 manufacturers and suppliers, including PPG industries, Nippont Paint and DNT Paint.



Wood Grain

1st time and the only one in Indonesia for an extraordinary surface finish with latest technology for powder coating with wood colour. This is not wood finish like sublimation (film layer), but this is a powder coating with 2 times processing and for External Application and UV Resistance