With an engine speed of 1600 mpm, alexindo steel produces a capacity of 360,000 mt / year
Ensuring each steel product is accurate in thickness and grade
Our advantage has a fleet that is able to make delivery on time
Create accurate surface
thickness and flatness from
our best machines


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Aluminium extrusion indonesia

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Aluminium extrusion indonesia


PT. Aluminium Extrusion Indonesia or Alexindo for short, started in the field of aluminium extrusion in 1972. Since then the “Alexindo” brand has become a benchmark in the field of construction both in international and local markets.

Our group is made up of: PT. Alexindo and PT. Alcomex
which focuses on aluminium extrusion manufacturing and also PT. Starmas, an aluminium rolling plant which produces aluminium coils, sheets and foil.

ALEXINDO GROUP’s reputation in the market is seen as a top manufacturer because it consistently invests in the best technology, materials and personnel.
Our commitment in the metal industry is stronger with the presence of “ALEXINDO Steel” in Alexindo Plant 2 which is located in the industrial complex in the Dawuan, Cikampek area. Alexindo Plant 2 started operations in 2019, it is run by proven management, and also local and international skilled technical personnel in the field.


Kawasan Industry Mandala Pratama Permai,
Dawuan, Cikampek, Jawa Barat 41373 Indonesia
Tel : +62 64 8830 312 / +62 64 8830 377
Email : steel@alexindo.com
Website : www.pt-alexindo.com


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